single phase three phase ac control ac SSR Single phase Solid state relay LSR1-1-340AA , solid state time delay relay

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  • Min.Order Quantity: 200 Piece/item
  • Delivery Time: 7-15workdays
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  • Input voltage: 90-250VAC
  • Output voltage: 40-440VAC
  • Size: 60x45x27.5mm
  • Control method: AC to AC
  • SSR type: single phrase ssr
  • Load current: 40A
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    Controlling Voltage :   90-250VAC
    Controlling current: 6-35MA
    Make-on voltage : 90VDC
    Break-off voltage 10VDC
    Reverse voltage 32VDC
    Load voltage : 40-440VAC
    Load current 40A
    Instant voltage : 900VAC
    Voltage dropin on ≤1.6VAC
    On-off time ≤100MS
    Leakage current in off ≤100MA
    Dielectric strength ≥2500VAC
    Insulation Resistance 500MΩ/500VDC TEST
    Ambient temp. -30℃-+80℃
    Indicate Methods LED
    Installation Bolting

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    固态单相继电器 尺寸安装线路图 英文


    1. There is an RC loop inside the output of the solid state relay. It is normal to have conduction and output voltage.
    2. Pay attention to the working voltage range and positive and negative.
    3. To ensure the normal operation of the solid state relay, the input current should be increased when the ambient temperature is low, and the input current should be reduced when the ambient temperature is high.
    4. Solid state relays with operating current below 5A should be installed in a well ventilated environment.
    5. For solid-state relays with a working current of less than 5A, it is best to install a heat sink. If necessary, add thermal silica gel to increase the heat dissipation effect. Air cooling should be forced when the surface of the radiator is close to 60 degrees.
    6. When multiple solid states are installed side by side, try to increase the spacing to increase the heat dissipation effect, and avoid the solid state relay temperature rise above the allowable value.

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