NEW pcb relay kit LF14F-1Z-24VDC 10A black 5pin Transparent shell

NEW pcb relay kit LF14F-1Z-24VDC 10A black 5pin Transparent shell

Model: LF14F-1Z-24VDC-4 Channel/8 channel/10 channel
Dimension: 29*13*25.5mm
Contact arrangement: 1A, 1B, 1C
Contact capacity: 10A, 16A
10A/240VAC 28VDC
16A/240VAC 28VDC
Nominal voltage: 24VDC
Release voltage: ≥10%
Operate/release time: ≤20ms/10ms
Coil power: DC 0.36W/AC1.0VA
Contact resistance: ≤100mΩ
Insulation resistance: ≥1000MΩ
Dielectric strength: Vr.m.s
Between contacts: 1200VAC
Between coil & contact: 5000VAC
Ambient temp.: -55-+70℃
Service life:
Electrical: 1×10^5
Mechanical: 1×10^7
Size of PCB board relay kit: 75*88*19mm/75*150*19mm/75*186*19mm
Weight of relay kit: 165G/304.2g/378.2g
Number of relay channel: 4/8/10

Product Image:

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1. Weld feet ,with NEW black base,the clip more stronger and not fall off.

2. Two wiring method, No distinguish between positive and negative

3. Compared to the old green PCB Board models, it is stronger and less likely to break

4. Anti-scratch, PC material upgrade,it is thicker and harder to crack.

5. The bottom track is hard to fall off,more safety

6. The the baffle plate on both ends more fit tightly and seamlessly.

7. Black, rectangular, more beautiful appearance.


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